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Maralyn Adlin
Blinded by Youth
Size 22x28
Framed Size: x
--Please Select--, $1500
The Community Foundation Prize, $300

Margaret Bekeny
Red Moon
Size 12x12
Framed Size: 13x13
Acrylic, $300
The Lucille Davis Grimm Prize, $200

Mary Burk Smith
Size 17x14
Framed Size: 17x14
Assemblage, $600
The Joshua Point Studio Prize, for a Collage, $100

Gretchen Dugan
Find the Elephant
Size 13x22
Framed Size: 18x27
Pencil, $11500
The Charlotte Alling Prize, $600

Oi Fortin
Homenatge a Gaudí
Size 30x22
Framed Size: 36x28
Printmaking - Monotype, $$1200
The Sidney and Arthur Eider Foundation Prize, $300

marianne holtermann
Klintgaard I
Size 11x11
Framed Size: 15x15
Soft Pastel, $350
The Weiss Sisters Prize, $400

Robert Jacoby
Size 36x48
Framed Size: 36x48
Acrylic, $1800
The New Haven Paint & Clay Club Active Member Prize, $200

Joan Jardine
Size 20x20
Framed Size: 25x25
oil on paper, $1800
The Carle J. Blenner Prize, $100

Joan McPherson
Bradford Pear Trees in Bloom
Size 13x21
Framed Size: 23x31
Watercolor, $900
The Elizabeth L. Greely Prize for a Watercolor, $100

David Ottenstein
Red, Mankota, Saskatchewan
Size 15x19
Framed Size: 24x30
Photography, $995
The New Haven Paint & Clay Club Prize, $200

Terry Russo
Size 7x9x8
Framed Size: 3
clay, $495
Hulls art Supply and Framing Gift Certificate, $100

Anita Soos
Cadence Light Emerging
Size 60x22
Framed Size: 69x28
Charcoal, $2200
Hulls art Supply and Framing Gift Certificate, $100

Kelly Taylor
Angles and Lines No. 1
Size 10x10
Framed Size: x
Mixed Media, $225
The Weiss Sisters Prize, $800

NC whitcher
and another
Size x16x24
Framed Size: 24x32
monoprint, $3000
The Weiss Sisters Prize for a Print, $400

Maralyn Adlin
self-portrait mirror study
Size 10x10
Framed Size: x
oil on canvas, $850.

Richard Alexander
Going North
Size 18x24
Framed Size: 22x28
Oil, $3500

Rosemary Benivegna
Size 16x20
Framed Size: 16x20
Acrylic and Paper, $550

Lev Bogorov
Size 30x24
Framed Size: 33x27
Oil, $NFS

Diane Brown
Energy Surge
Size 36x36
Framed Size: 37x37
Oil & Cold Wax, $3240

William Butcher III
Storm from home
Size 24x36
Framed Size: 28x40
Digital Photography, $500

Scott Camphausen
Kilauea Meets The Pacific
Size 20x30
Framed Size: 24x34
Photography, $360

Eileen Carey
Size 18x24
Framed Size: Gallery Wrapped
Oil, $800

Diane Chandler
Green Reverie
Size 24x20
Framed Size: 30x26
Oil, $750

Joan Cho
Size 9x12
Framed Size: 14x18
watercolor on canvas, $600

Cynthia Delaney
Cane Chaos
Size 24x36
Framed Size: Gallery Wrapped
Acrylic, $1000
Purchased for the Permanent Collection

Linda DeStefanis
Lofty View
Size 24x18
Framed Size: x
29x23, $1200

Gretchen Dugan
The Proverbial Bowl Of
Size 11x14
Framed Size: 16x19
Pencil, $6800

Gina Dunlap
Size 16x20
Framed Size: 21x25
Oil, $850

Eileen Eder
Garden Path
Size 16x12
Framed Size: 22x18
Oil, $1,500.

Alanna Fagan
Monhegan Workshop
Size 8x10
Framed Size: 10x12
Oil, $2500
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